IT Security Services

Suzana Ulbrich


Established in 1993, as IT-Freelancer Carsten Ulbrich - he has many years experience in the ICT Consultancy profession, with the focus on providing IT Solutions Remote Support and Computer Service as well as Support to clients throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.     


The company is located since December 2011 in Frankfurt/M., Germany.                   

The firm offers comprehensive IT-Solutions and Customer Relationship Applications to businesses, which is intended to be cost effective at all times. With a custom built office, the business also has friendly staff enabling clients to save time and money.                   

The company develops reliable IT-Solutions that are essential for the home or the office and can offer increased efficiency. Built from scratch, the product ranges includes, Microsoft, Linux, SUN Solaris and MAC Operating Systems and flexible, secure and independent Software Integration.                   

With experienced international based project engineers, we have a professional team, qualified to a high standard. We have an expanding network of clients, situated throughout Europe and UK, including blue chip companies, private clients, several large international organisations. The company is owned by Suzana Ulbrich since 12.2011. 


Carsten Ulbrich is well trained to look after the organisation, having previously worked for British Airways Plc, Lufthansa Systems, Daimler Chrysler, DB Vertrieb GmbH, Deutsche Bahn AG, Panasonic Europe, PRO7 Media, SAT. 1, NRK, TRT, Siemens Medical Solutions, Siemens, Petrofac, SUN, microsystems, Northamptonshire Police Force, NCR, international security organisations based in UK and more international and national projects, as well as international charity projects.